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Flooring & Tile experts.

Your flooring choice is an important decision in the design process.  It's more than just a color choice.   Texture, durability, and overall feel of the substrate can change the feel of the room. 
Tile can serve as an excellent accent to your design. Tile walls, Floorings, or backsplash...We are On a Mission to help.  

Tile Flooring

Both Ceramic and Porcelain tile have several desirable features for the homeowner. Ceramic tile is more affordable, but is a softer option compared to porcelain.


  • Durability. Tile is extremely resilient when it comes to staining and wear. Tile is perfect for placement in high traffic areas.

  • Low Maintenance. Because it is so durable, tile doesn’t need much in the way of upkeep. 

  • Water Resistant. Tile has a glazed protective layer on their surface that makes them impervious to water damage and stain penetration.

LVP Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Planks are waterproof. This means that they maintain their surface look and subsurface sturdiness even with accidental water spills. There are many reasons why this flooring is the most popular flooring today.

  • Waterproof. Thanks to the waterproof backing layer, LVP flooring can get wet without fear of damage.

  • Scratch-resistant. LVP Flooring is perfect for busy families and pet owners who love the look of hardwoods, but rough play or heavy traffic is a concern.

  • Cost Effective. Another major benefit of LVP flooring is that it is a more cost-efficient option compared to its hardwood counterpart.

  • Easy to Maintain. Another thing we love about LVP flooring is that it’s easy to maintain. This is especially beneficial for homeowners who suffer from allergies.